Q: What is the difference between dry cleaning, laundry and wet cleaning?
A: Dry cleaning involves the use of liquid chemicals. Items that are laundered use water and machines which minimally control temperature. The agitation of the garments is not something that the machine or the operator can control. Wet cleaning is a fairly new approach which involves state of the art equipment that uses water, however has the capability to control agitation and temperature to the degree. This is key since temperature and agitation are two main factors in fabric shrinkage.

Q: Does dry cleaning reduce the life of my garment?
A: No, on the contrary, it may actually prolong the life by removing oils and dirt which act as abrasives on the fabric. You cannot over-clean, especially with environmentally friendly chemicals!

Q: What does “environmentally friendly”   mean? 
A: The chemicals that our dry cleaning uses are non-toxic and biodegradable. They have been proven to be safe for humans and our environment. They allow your clothes to last longer and smell better compared with Perchloroethylene, the supposed cancer causing chemical used by the vast majority of dry cleaners.

Q: Can dry cleaning remove all stains?
A: No, however  dry cleaning will have a better chance at removing a stain if you can identify the stain when sending it in for cleaning. Never attempt to clean the stain, even with water, as this can set it and make it difficult or impossible to remove.